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Top 10 beautiful design iOS apps win Apple Design Awards 2018

Apple have just announced Top 10 Most Beautiful iOS Applications in 2018. This annual award is called "Apple Design Awards", created by Apple as a thank-you to hundreds of thousands of programmers who have had contributions to the AppStore.

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Every year, Apple has always been honored with the best-looking iOS apps that recognize the positive contributions of hundreds of developers around the world. Called the Apple Design Awards, the award-winning “free apple” has quickly become one of the most valuable rewards in the developer community, both physically and mentally.

Apple has announced the Apple Design Awards at the end of the first day of WWDC 2018. Below is the list of Top 10 iOS apps who win Apple Designs Adwards 2018:

List of Top 10 Apple Design Awards 2018

Agenda (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Agenda, Agenda app, apple design awards 2018

Agenda is a calendar application with a scientific interface and extremely handy notes. This is a completely free app on the AppStore platform.

BANDIMAL (Helsinki, Finland)

bandimal. music app, apple design awards 2018

BANDIMAL is a composite music application for kids with a colorful fun interface. Apple users can download BANDIMAL from Apple Store with $3.99.

Calzy (Chennai, India)

calzy app, calculator app, ios app, apple design awards

Calzy is a modern caculator application with a luxury interface, and also integrates features related to other fields such as science, history, etc. Calzy is available for $ 1.99 on Apple Store.

iTranslate Converse (Graz, Austria)

iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse is a translation application can integrates 38 different languages ​​with the ability to translate naturally. This translation app from Austria can works well in many noise environments. Apple users can download iTranslate Converse for free and use the in-app purchase feature to upgrade to Pro.

Triton Sponge (Los Altos, USA)

Triton Sponge is an effective health monitoring and care tool, commonly used in surgical or emergency rooms in the United States. This is a completely free application.

Florence (Melbourne, Australia)

Florence is actually an interactive book with a rather cute content about the early love experiences of a young girl, very “lyrical” but without the lack of practical elements. This app is $ 2.99.


Playdead’s INSIDE (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Playdead’s INSIDE is a horror-themed game with a very realistic graphics background. Users can download and play the demo before deciding to “open the purse” to own the full version through in-app purchase.

Playdead's INSIDE, Playdead's INSIDE game, apple design adwards 2018,

Alto’s Odyssey (Toronto, Canada)

Alto’s Odyssey is a walkthrough game that has been invested and designed for the last three years. This game is $ 4.99.

Alto's Odyssey

Frost (Vienna, Austria)

Frost is a colorful game with colorful swirls that you can interact with and creative. This app is $ 4.99.

Oddmar (Eskişehir, Turkey)

Oddmar is a great viking game with a lot of challenging hammers and colorful interfaces. This app is $ 4.99.

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